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Yatin Patel's photograph portfolio been selected in "Kyoorius Photographers Showcase".
Published May 2013 in Kyoorius magazine 15

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Cameras have had an almost Darwinian form of evolution only with the time period shortened and at wrap speed. We now have unbelievable images from the depths of sea to a man diving off the edge of space to the contours of Mars. With the digitization of camera and its easy accessibility, the influx of photographers is at its highest since the invention of Camara Obscura, the first camera ever. With almost every person having an access to a camera, citizen journalism has flourished leaving the professional photographers to strive and toil, to perfect the art, find new methods, techniques and niches. And thanks to this, photography is at its pinnacle today. Kyoorius celebrates this by bringing you the second edition os the "photographers Showcase" with another interesting mix of photographers from various platitudes of photography. - by Pavithra Chandrasekar